Review on Dehumidifiers for Basement and Crawl Space You Need to Know About

You know you can always rely on dehumidifier when you are having problem with humidity in your house. However, do you think you can use any dehumidifier for any space at home? Actually, dehumidifiers have some varieties that are specifically designed for certain things. For basement or crawl space use for example, you have basement or crawl space dehumidifiers to choose one from. Let’s discuss more about this and find what the difference of it and standard dehumidifier is here.

The Air that Enters into Your House

air flow to your homeAs you might have known, you’ve got the air circulating inside your house from outside. However, you need to know that the air actually comes from the inside of your house as well. This air we are talking about here is one from the basement or crawl space at the bottom of your house, to be exact. It tends to be warm and will then make its way from the bottom to your living room and even other spaces inside your own house.

Well, even cold air comes from this space too, you see. We would say that the air inside your house actually consists of 40{707408355c24339362ac01ccb2fb58428ccca36cd3d91b1e6a6c36e45bad9d7a} of the air from this cramped and dark part of your home. If you take into consideration what dirty things that might exist down there, it sure is disgusting to breathe the same air that was circulating there before, right? We must say the air flow in this part of house is unique, so s is needed.

Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Getting humidity ruining the structure of your house is not a light matter. Surely, you don’t want to risk your property just because the humidity messes it up, while knowing that it can actually be prevented before it gets worse. Since basement or crawl space is basically cooler and has large amount of floor space, we need specific dehumidifier that has auto defrost and one that can cover large capacity. What choice do we have?

what is crawl space dehumidifier

Basically crawl space dehumidifier has horizontal design to fit in tight space.

Of course, this is something that none other than basement or crawl space dehumidifier can do. While standard dehumidifiers can catch about 30 to 70 pints of water in the air per day, basement or crawl space dehumidifier can extract about 100 plus of moisture from the air. Its work can cover space as much as 2,000 square feet or more too. It sure is designed to specifically deal with the humidity in the basement and crawl space.


Now, you know why we need basement or crawl space dehumidifier to choose to take care of that pesky humidity from the bottom of your house. Basement dehumidifier and crawl space dehumidifier are not exactly the same though. What’s known is that crawl space one has horizontal design to fit in tight space. Either way, they work the same. There should not be any problem of using either of them as long as the space allows. It is to secure your property too, so do consider it.

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