Buying Guides of Dehumidifier

If your house is too humid, you need to have a dehumidifier. It is a device that functions to remove excess humidity. It can keep your house dry. Commonly, dehumidifiers have simple constructions. However, if you want to buy this device, you cannot choose it carelessly. There are some factors that you need to consider including the features offered so that you will get the best one.

In this article, we will share the tips that you need to consider in buying a dehumidifier that will be appropriate for your home. So, you will not be disappointed. If you buy the wrong dehumidifier, it will waste money but it will not solve the problem of humidity in your home. Here are what you have to know.

2 Types of Dehumidifier

First, you have to know that dehumidifier can be divided into 2 types. This is very important to know. The first is refrigeration humidifier and the second on is desiccant humidifier. Both of them have some differences including how to use it.

Types of Dehumidifier

Two Types of Dehumidifier

Based on the research, most people prefer refrigeration dehumidifier to another one. However, if the space you have is not big enough, you can choose another option. So, before you buy your desired type of dehumidifier, you have to understand both of them and compare then choose the most appropriate one for you and also How it works.

The Capacity & Coverage Area

Dehumidifier capacity is commonly measured by the pint number. It can collect from the air more than 24 hours. So, you have to choose dehumidifier by considering the capacity & coverage area. If you want to use it for small rooms such as bathroom, closet or kitchen, it will be a good idea to choose a 30 pint dehumidifier. If you need a dehumidifier for larger rooms, you can consider one that comes with 50 pints. There is also a model of dehumidifier that can collect up to 70 pints. Even more, if you need the bigger capacity, there is also a 100 pint dehumidifier that you can choose. So, you have to know the coverage area and then choose the dehumidifier based one the proper capacity.

It is really important to choose a dehumidifier that is proper with your room. If the capacity is too small, of course it cannot solve the moisture problems in that area. If the capacity is too large, it will be useless. So, the capacity should be considered and planned properly when buying a dehumidifier. Visit this post for more explanation, Dehumidifier Size area and performance.

Drainage Option

dehumidifier drainage option

dehumidifier drainage option

Refrigerant dehumidifiers come with a water tray where it functions to collect fluid which drips down from coil. It is possible that the reservoir spills over when you forget to empty this. In this case, you have to thank to its auto shutdown feature. Even more, some dehumidifiers also feature an indicator lamp that show whether the container is full or not.

If you read the features carefully, you can find some dehumidifiers that come with continuous drain option. It means that you may hook a hose to the back of this humidifier and also allow the water directly to drain out of this device. Therefore, you do not need to empty the water manually because it will waste your time.

You can drain this to a sink, a shower, a basement drain, a sump hole, and a bigger bucket. In fact, some humidifiers are featured with different hoses. These hoses will be really useful because they are commonly short enough so that you do not need to coil up them in the corner. However you also need to know that the hose can be replaced based on your desire. Anyway, you have to choose a dehumidifier that allows you to use a hose.

If you choose a dehumidifier that comes with a continuous drainage, this will be really useful. It can feature condensate pumps. Overall, it can be said that a dehumidifier that is featured with a continuous drainage is more useful than one that does not have that feature. So, you have to prioritize it.

Other Features You May Consider

Besides the features above, you may need to consider other useful features. For example, the considerations include the number of whistles and bells. It depends on the size and price of the dehumidifier that you want to buy. Some other useful features that you can consider are such as auto-restart, electronic controls, LCD panel, humidistat, timer, and auto-defrost mode. You can also still consider other features based on your needs.

Of course, it will be more expensive if the features are more complete. However, if you want the affordable one, you can buy one that has the basic functions. It is still a good decision as long as the humidifier you buy can function well. So, it depends on your budget. If you have bigger budget, you can look for the better dehumidifier. So, you have to plan the budget properly to get your desired one.


From the discussion above, we can see that selecting a dehumidifier is not as simple as you imagine and it may take a lot of time. To get the best one, you need to consider those buying guides carefully and wisely. By considering the buying guides above, you can find one that meets your desire. Hopefully the tips above can be a useful reference for you who are looking for the most appropriate dehumidifier.

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