Friedrich D70BPA Dehumidifier – Perfect Dehumidifier for your Basement or Crawlspace

Every space in your home has its own size, you see. Not to mention, properties have their own footage from one to another. Even humidity level basically differs from place to place. Considering that, it is a given if we need specific dehumidifier to deal with each space. If you currently need one to take care of your basement or crawl space, we have Friedrich D70BPA Dehumidifier for you to consider. Let’s see what we can benefit from this home appliance in this chance. Here we go then.

Friedrich D70BPA 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Friedrich D70BPA 70 Pint Dehumidifier – Best Dehumidifier for Basements

Dehumidifier Capacity and Humidity Level

When choosing dehumidifier to buy, you know that you should concern yourself with the capacity of the one you choose. We are talking about basement or crawl space here. It is the very space with the highest humidity of all spaces in the house. Not to mention, the space is usually pretty spacious as well. In order to deal with such place with severe humidity in spacious space like that, you can’t just have standard dehumidifier to choose.

You might think that 70-pint dehumidifier would be too much for basement since it is more than enough to deal with the loft of your house. However, it is actually not the case with basement. With overly damp environment, 70-pint dehumidifier should cover the job in the space with more footage. That would be the very thing that you can expect from basement or crawl space dehumidifier, so keep this in mind for sure.

Auto Defrost Feature in the Dehumidifier

Basement or crawl space is basically open to its environment. Thus, it is no wonder that this part of your house can be pretty cold and chill. Dehumidifiers might have worked by chilling the air, so they can catch the moisture. However, sometimes the moisture will frost up. If your basement is pretty cold, the frost will mostly build up on the evaporator coils. Well, if it does happen, this is not going to be a good call for dehumidifier, you see.

This home appliance might not be able to work well with frost build up inside its machine. Thus, we need dehumidifier that is featured with auto defrost to choose for the basement or crawl space. As the name suggests, this feature can be set to automatically defrost frozen moisture that builds up on the evaporator coils. Really, dehumidifier that can withstand cold is the one you should be looking for if it is for the basement of your home.

External Drainage with the Drain Pump

Other thing that stands out about this very dehumidifier we are talking about here is that it has external drainage with high-power drain pump to offer. You must have been fully aware that normally dehumidifier will have water tray to hold the moisture caught in the air. From time to time, we do need to throw away the water before it gets overload. It is obviously because more and more water will be coming every single day after all.

However, this is the drainage feature of the old dehumidifier. Today, many of such appliances are designed with drain pump. This basement dehumidifier is just one of them. To link into the plumbing system, you will be able to pump the water 15 feet away with its drain pump. That way, you have the freedom to place it in any place you see fit. You can even pump the water either vertically or horizontally. This makes things convenient.

Bottom Line

Now that you have learnt what this basement dehumidifier can benefit you with, you must have known how important it is to choose that model over the others. It has what it takes to be the best and most reliable dehumidifier to take care of your basement or crawl space after all. You know that not any dehumidifier will do just fine for any space at home. This is something you need to know of.

As it was said before, each space at home has different level of humidity and footage. From the basement itself, you know that severe cold can cause problem to the dehumidifier if it is not featured with auto defrost. The capacity is important as well for basement dehumidifiers are ones meant to catch much moisture in spacious footage.

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