Frigidaire 70-pint FAD704DWD Dehumidifier Review

It is the best humidifier to have at home!

Frigidaire 70-pint FAD704DWDIt is a bad news comes in several times ago. Yes, our favorite Frigidaire is quite difficult to find lately. We guess that Amazon removes it from their list. In other hand, I also worry that the agent do not continue providing this model in the market. When it happens, it means that the successor of it, the FFAD7033RI, will become the nice number to pick.

We still have no chance to test the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier and Whynter RPD-411WG and also Honeywell 70-Pint Dehumidifier.

However, we already know that the Honeywell gets the air intake in its front. The design is quite similar with our favorite. I will make the review of it later, so do the other two versions.

I realize that I have mentioned if it is hard –or maybe impossible, to find the dehumidifier that is ideal for everyone because he or she has his or her own desire. However, I never give up in my searching. In this mater, I try to find the well next model, or two to give better consideration. The product that I search and review is based on the choice of expert and people who buy it. Then, I also try to find the best-selling product. I do some matters in order to find the complete information and I get the same conclusion: Frigidaire FAD704 Energy Star 70-pint Dehumidifier for the well choice. You also may choose the 504 edition, which has the similar detail in features.

Basic information

I am confident to tell that this humidifier includes in high capacity category by the ability in removing the 70 pints of air in 24 hours. Since it is so powerful, of course it will be nice to solve the problem of humidity in your room.

The reservoir inside the unit is able to store up around 16.3 pints of water. Then, it is also good with the handy splash guard. This matter will help you to prevent the water. In other hand, it has good filter. The filter is unique because it is washable and could be used in several times. Then, it has powerful ability in purifying the dust mites, pollen and mold.

Another good matter of this humidifier is the easiness in placing. People will be easy to place it in their room with the caste wheel and carry handle in both sides of the unit. Then, the product also gets the Energy Star certification, which means it has high efficiency in using electricity.

Intelligent humidity control

It is quite difficult to measure the humidity inside your home, which becoming the reason the difficulty in choosing the right level. However, that problem will never occur here because this unit has the humidity sensor and the built-in humidistat to deliver better control.

dehumidifier humidity sensor

Here, all you need to do is dialing the desire relative humidity level. By this matter, the unit will do the job automatically. The fan will run in low speed. This matte is effective to get the most accurate result in reading about the condition. Then, the compressor inside the unit also will maintain the level of humidity and then turn itself off to control the energy. The energy could be saved between 35{707408355c24339362ac01ccb2fb58428ccca36cd3d91b1e6a6c36e45bad9d7a} to 85{707408355c24339362ac01ccb2fb58428ccca36cd3d91b1e6a6c36e45bad9d7a}.

Two-way drainage system

Unfortunately, because of some reasons, the humidifier comes without built-in condensate pump. For the solution, you may get one of it and then integrate the new pump into the device. At least, you have two choices based on its price. Here, you could use the water tank to control the fluid. Then, you also could continuously drain the unit by relate it with the hose.

When you choose the tank option of the humidifier, you will have less worry in overflowing. It is reasonable because it has transparent water line water, which will work similar with an alert system. In other hand, the unit also will turn itself off automatically when the tank is full.

Bells and whistles

I have told above about some essential matters of the unit. However, it will also good when you add some accessories to the unit in order to make it looks better and work well. In this case, you are able to manipulate the fan. To manipulate the fan, you could choose one of two available speed. It will dry the air faster. In other hand, there is also nice continuously mode with similar work but also keeps the compressor. When you place this unit in your basement, it will be best when you operate and set the temperature as low as 41F because it will influence the performance of the unit.

The verdict

When you want to get the best dehumidifier inside your home, you do not need to walk far because the choice is near! It is the ideal choice for everyone, which could be placed in any home and any situation. The product is also affordable. In my word, it is good with the accurate humidity sensor with built-in humidistat.

The only problem in this unit, in my opinion, is only the missing built-it pump. However, I realize that maybe it is the reason why it is cheaper than my expectation. Well, I cannot show that this unit is the best dehumidifier ever but remember it has the super accurate sensor for humidity, which we cannot find in other product.

Check the Amazon for getting the latest price of this product.

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