What Does a Pint Mean?

You certainly have known that refrigerant dehumidifier capacity is measured in pint that shows the water tank volume. If you live in England and you are familiar to local pub, you certainly understand about this measurement. A pint means a unit of measurement used for capacity or volume. It is commonly used in the United Kingdom, the United States and also other commonwealth countries.


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The Numbers of a Pint

A pint is equivalent to about 0.15 gallon. It is also same with 568 milliliter. However, it is divided into 2 types in the US. The first is liquid / wet pit where it equals to +/- 0.125 gallon or 473 milliliters. The second one is dry pint where it equals to 0.145 gallon or 551 milliliter. The second one is not used in often.

Firstly, it was introduced as a measurement that equals to one-eighth of a gallon. It showed that there are many kinds of gallon. It depends on the substance itself. So, it causes confusion. That is why there are some types of pint now.

Pint in the UK Vs Pint in the US

Pint in the UK is different from pint in the US because in 1707, the US adopted British wine gallon that measures 231 cubic inches. It was used as a measurement unit for volume. That is why wet pint from the US came. On the other hand, dry pint came from British corn gallon that measures 268.8 cubic inches. Then, the British, in 1842 decided to abandon all gallons used. They used new imperial gallon that measures 277.42 inches. From this gallon, the UK pint came.

The United States of America continued using the old pint and gallon. Do not be confused with imperial pint. It is used as a measurement unit for draught cider & beer and also refillable bottles of milk. Based on the history, pint is used out of commonwealth countries.

Now, you understand it! From the explanation above, you get much information about how much a pint is. Hopefully this will be a useful guide.

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