Keystone Energy Star: Review on the Highly Rated KSTAD70B and KSTAD50B Dehumidifiers

If you are the kind of people who can’t stand those mold and mildew at home due to the humidity caused by the climate in the region you are living in, you should rejoice for there is dehumidifier that can help you remove water from the air. That being said, there are many dehumidifiers to choose out there. So, we have 2 similar choices to consider in this opportunity. In the market, they go by the name Keystone Energy Star KSTAD70B and KSTAD50B Dehumidifier. Let’s get down to it here below.

How Well Each Dehumidifier Can Perform

Of all things, we are sure that you would want to concern yourself with the performance that the dehumidifiers we are talking about here. From performance perspective, both of them make the leading performance in the market. They are both built to be efficient in their work. That is why they have powerful fan built in it. You don’t have to worry about the sound if you choose either of these options we have and suggest to you here. They are not made to bring you more issue than the good.

Keystone KSTAD70B 70 Pints Dehumidifier

Keystone KSTAD70B 70 Pints Dehumidifier

How about the energy consumption then? Well, we are talking about the dehumidifiers that have been certificated as Energy Star. So, you can be sure to make the most of it without having to worry about any increase to your bills. Don’t you think they make pretty good choices? Either one you choose, both dehumidifiers seem to be enough to handle even high levels of humidity. They are highly rated because of that to begin with.

What Truly Differs the Two Dehumidifiers

We can get many similarities coming from these two dehumidifiers. From the discussion above, you should have learned some, right? They even have pretty much similar feature to each other, but let’s talk more about it later. We are talking about different products here. So, of course there should be some difference here and there. That being said, it is not that necessary to know every little detail that differ them from each other, right?

So, let us point out that the only obvious difference between the two is their capacity. While Keystone Energy Star KSTAD70B has 70 pints of capacity to offer, Keystone Energy Star KSTAD50B can hold 50 pints of water only. That being said, both dehumidifiers can deal with up to 3,800 sq ft room. With such capacity, both are enough to even get the job done in the basements where you find mold and mildew most in the house.

Other Features Offered by Dehumidifiers

Well, of course, these dehumidifiers we have here still have other features worth to consider. There is transparent water level indicator to let you know when the water tray is full. On top of the unit, you will also be able to find LCD panel that is very easy to read. What else? Along with these amazing features, there are still 24-hour timer to strike balance between performance and energy consumption, and removable dust filters.

Furthermore, to offer easy transportation, these dehumidifiers have wheels down below to offer. With it, you don’t have to put extra effort just to move it from one place to another within your own house. Don’t you think it is convenient? There are still auto restart option to save the settings during power outage, and continuous drainage to keep the hassle of emptying the water tray away. These features sure are great to get from them, right? They are more than just additional features after all.

Conclusion to the Dehumidifier Review

Now that we have reached the end of this discussion, are you interested in buying either of the two? Regardless of the choice, we guarantee that you will be able to deal with the humidity in your house properly and satisfyingly by using either of them. You can always opt for the 50-pint dehumidifier if you can’t afford the 70-pint one. If your house is big with high level of humidity, you might want to opt the 70 pints just in case though. It is far better to have more left than not having enough, right?

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