New Air AD-250 Portable Dehumidifier Review

A sleek best room dehumidifier to choose. It has new air filter in booting!

25 pint portable dehumidifier

25 pint portable dehumidifier

When I was rereading about the list of best dehumidifier to buy, the product of New Air always be in the top list. Well, I am sure that I have limited knowledge about the kind of the dehumidifier and I do not familiar with the kind of new dehumidifier in the market, so I try to look for the other new products to enlarge the data.

Of course, I am glad to report that New Air becomes one of great manufacture of the small and portable domestic equipment in the world with some innovations including the kind of nice humidifier. Actually, there are some numbers of new humidifier by the New Ai to choose, but I decide the New Air AD-250 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier as the one of my favorite and object to write in my website. Let’s find my reasons below!

Feature and specification

Firstly, people need to know that this new product of New Air is able to remove 25 pint of fluid in maximal from the air full in 24 hours. Of course, by the ability of it –which may serve all days, the dehumidifier is nice to be kept. Then, the new product is also good to carry. Yes, I am easy in carrying the new dehumidifier because it is not heavy. The weight of it is just around 161 lbs.

Then, how about the dimension of it?

Here I tell to you that this humidifier has compact size. The dimension of the humidifier is 11.00” in L, 6.00” in W, and 19.50” in H. The detail dimension is good in order to make it can be placed in the small space. However, I recommend that it is good for the smaller room inside your home. It could not be used to dehumidify the entire room of your home because it is not built for it.

This humidifier is classified as the refrigerant type dehumidifier. It means that the product will take an advantage of the compressor technology in the way to rid the excess moisture. In other hand, to increase the technic of it, the product is completed with -134A refrigerant to cool the coils. It will be very helpful to condense the water vapors. The water inside the dehumidifier then drip down from coils to the tray of the water. Just simple but very effective.

newair ad-250 portable dehumidifier

Drainage option

I realize that the drainage option becomes something that is considered by the people in choosing their favorite dehumidifier. Then, how about this product? Since I tell about the subject of collecting water, this dehumidifier is one of the good option to choose. It has its good internal water tank –that is also called as reservoir, which is good to store up to 25 pints of fluid. By the capacity of the tank, of course you do not need to worry about the capacity. Then, the use of new technology will throw your worry away. Yes, you do not need to worry about the water spilling out when the tank getting full because now it has unit to shut itself off automatically. However, using the continuous drainage option, in my opinion, is good because with this idea you will be able to leave it running up to 24/7.

Additional features

Auto-defrosting ability becomes one of the well additional feature to appreciate. It means that the dehumidifier will keep dehumidify the air when the temperature is freezing. It will give option to you to use it in your basement to get the maximal use. In other hand, the humidifier is also nice to be used inside the boat.

Air filtering

The reason I choose this dehumidifier is that it has great air filtering. The filter will throw the bad particles away, which may cause the allergies and others.

The conclusion

Although it is not the best dehumidifier in the world, it could be the alternative for you. It is good with the great air filter and other features. In other hand, the product is also nice with the compact size to ease you in placing it in the space. Check the price of it through Amazon!

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