Review on Compact Eva-dry EDV 1100 Dehumidifier for Dehumidifying More Space Size

Can you stand of being drenched in sweats on those hot, humid summer days? If you can’t, you know you can always rely on dehumidifier to help you deal with that. That said, you might be thinking that you don’t prefer having big, bulky machine to be present in your house. If that is the case with you then, you should just opt for the smaller version of it. One that we can recommend to you here is called Eva-dry EDV 1100 Dehumidifier.

What We Can Know from This at Our First Glance

What do you know about this home appliance we bring up in this discussion here? There are things that we can immediately find out about such appliance, actually. Physically, this dehumidifier is compact in its size. It is not that of ones like washing machine that needs wheels below it so we can move it around. However, it is not as small as the kinds that can fit in your bag either. Still, it is not like there is small quality only to benefit from it.

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

Electric Petite Dehumidifier Eva-dry Edv

Considering that mini dehumidifier is capable of dehumidifying gym bag and gym locker, you can expect more capability coming from this compact dehumidifier here since it is bigger. Actually, you can get the answer to it from its product name itself. Yes, this very dehumidifier here is one capable of covering up to 1100 cubic feet size of room. Not to mention, despite having compact body design like this, it can hold up to 8 ounces of water/day.

The So-Called Peltier Heat Pumps Technology in It

Dehumidifiers might employ different technology from each other. In this case for example, the company has this dehumidifier designed with the so-called Peltier heat pumps technology. Different technology offers different work, of course. With heat pump like this in this technology, it makes the generated cool surface to be able to condense the moisture in the air quickly. Thus, you can expect it to make the room feel more pleasant in no time.

Furthermore, it does not have compressor designed to be used in this home appliance. That is why it can offer you no noise whatsoever in its work. Wouldn’t it be pleasant for your ears? No one would want noisy machine, especially at home after all. Well, of course, we need electricity to run this dehumidifier here. However, since it is compact and all, the energy consumption should not be as big as it is in bigger version. It saves energy bills.

The Best Places to Have This Dehumidifier Used

Now that you know more or less about what this dehumidifier can offer to you, you must have wanted to know the recommended places to use it in. It is not suitable to be used inside gym bag or gym locker, but there are still many other places where it makes the best pick. Basically, this home appliance is perfect for just any room. It includes the basement and even your office as well. For office, you must like how quiet it can work for you.

For basement, it should have been able to work on all that humidity that might make negative cause to the foundation of the home itself. Of course, even for bathroom where excess moisture and humidity tend to be found, this compact dehumidifier can work well enough to catch that water in the air in no time. Also, this dehumidifier can still fit in most closets if you happen of wanting to keep your clothes dry and fresh to use as well at home.

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