The Review of Honeywell DH70W – Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier

Appropriate for Very Narrow Space

Talking about humidifier, of course you want to buy the best one. In the market, you can find various options available. Humidifier can be applied in your house, office, or certain rooms such as bedroom, bathroom, etc. However, mostly humidifiers need big enough space for it. Of course, it becomes a problem for you who have want to apply a humidifier. In this case, you need a humidifier that comes with small design so that it will be fit for narrow spaces.

Fortunately, there is Honeywell DH70W. This humidifier is small enough so that it can be applied easily in the narrow space. It will not take much space. You can apply it on the wall easily. It will not block any access in your house even though the space is not large. It means that this humidifier becomes a good solution.

Honeywell DH70W Review

Honeywell DH70W Energy Star Dehumidifier – 70 Pints

Easy Control Panel

Humidifiers usually come with control panels. However, most humidifier control panels are difficult to use. This humidifier is different from the others where its control panel is simple so that it can be used easily. It comes with soft touch buttons that allow you to turn on and off simply. Besides that, the control panel also allows you to adjust the settings based on your desire. For example, you can set the timer, the level of humidity, the air temperature, and levels of fan. Overall, this feature is really exciting so that you need to thank to it.

Digital Sensors

One of the most sophisticated features offered by this humidifier is its digital sensors. You can create your desired atmosphere by choosing a pre-defined level of humidity. You can pick the humidity level simply based on your desire and let this device turn on & off. You can do some experiments to get the right level you love.

If you love humidity level changes in the room, you need to thank to this smart feature. It is really useful to control certain level for your plants or pets where you go outside. Literally, you can set it & forget it. Then, it will work by itself and the level will change automatically based on what you set until it is empty.

Continuous Drain Option

Because this humidifier belongs to refrigeration type, it collects condensation in form of water. The water will empty and go into container that will need to be emptied. However, emptying containers will be annoying and messy. Fortunately, it comes with continuous drain option.

This feature allows you to hook this device into the plumbing system or allow it simply to drain into a basement drain, shower, or bathtub directly. It does not have hose. Anyway, this feature is really useful. So, you need to thank to this. This feature becomes one of the best benefits. Therefore, many people consider buying this small humidifier.

Humidifier Air Filter

Sometimes, you need to run a humidifier and an air purifier together at the same time. Of course, it will raise your electricity bills. You also need to buy those 2 different units. Fortunately, this humidifier comes with air filter. The air filter is very useful to remove moisture from the environment. The re-usable air filter can slide in & out easily. So, it will help remove small and large particles from the air that include dust and pet’s hair. If you want to clean up the filter, you just need to slide it out simply from the holding place. Then, run it under the garden hose or tap.

Easy Roll Caster Wheels

If you cannot utilize the continuous drain option, of course you will feel tired to lift the water tank. It will be difficult to empty the water tank. However, you do not need to worry about that. You have to know that this humidifier is equipped with wheels. Of course, it will be very helpful. With wheels, you can move it from one place to another easily. For example, you can move it from the bedroom to the bathroom. You can do it by yourself. Besides that, you can also remove the water tank to minimize the space amount. This feature is really helpful especially for you who have arm or wrist problems. In the other words, this humidifier is easy to transport.

After knowing all what this humidifier offers, we can say surely that Honeywell DH70W is considered as one of the best and most recommended humidifiers that you should choose and buy. Of course, people love it for its functionality. Besides that, it is also able to be applied on the wall freely. In addition, this humidifier is also affordable enough. You can buy it either online or offline because there are many stores that sell it. So, it meets what you expect.

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