Useful and Less Useful Dehumidifier Options

When you see the previous posts in my website, I am sure that you know have an idea about how the humidifier will work. The next thing that I want to tell next is the kind of features of dehumidifier that you need and don’t. I will try to decide which ones are the most essential to know.

The water reservoir

dehumidifier reservoirReservoir is also often being called as water tank, bucket, and water container. It uses on the most dehumidifier in order to collect the excess moisture picking up by the coils inside the dehumidifier to the unit. I say it uses in most dehumidifier because there are some products use the silica gel in absorbing the moisture and there is no tank.

An important thing to know is that general refrigerant dehumidifier will has a bucket. It means that you will need to empty it in the future. Most models now come to the market with the auto-shutoff feature. It will make the dehumidifier off automatically until you make the tank empty. Some expensive options come with the indicator light to make you know when the reservoir is full.

However, it is not the only way to control the water in dehumidifier.

Continuous drainage

When you want to have simpler mater in emptying the water tray, it is good for you to look for a kind of dehumidifier that has continuous drainage option, or a condensate pump that will pump the water up to the drain or sink. By the use of continuous drainage, you will have better work in emptying the water.


Automatic defrost

When you have plan to place the kind of humidifier in your basement, a good idea to do is finding the product that could be operate in low temperature as 41F or lower. Then, try to look for the unit that has auto-defrost to maximize the work of the humidifier in the basement. It is reasonable because the basement has different air circulation than other rooms.


I have explained about the work of humidistat well, so here I do not want to tell it more. We realize that getting the right level of the humidity is quite difficult with the unit without the built-in humidistat. Well, by this reason, you need to think about this matter in choosing the product in the market.

Caster wheels

Caster wheel includes in a welcome feature, especially when you want to move the dehumidifier around your home or place it to the basement. Most humidifier has this feature. This feature is very sleek and important to help you in transport it.

Auto restart feature

The new humidifier comes with the auto restart feature. The feature comes in handy when you have a power outage. By the use of this feature, you do not need to worry having serious problem in your humidifier. It will identify the problem and then restart automatically to clean it up.

Air filter

air filter dehumidifier

Kinds of great models you could buy have a washable air filter. It is a good feature that is similar to find in air purifiers. The air filter inside the dehumidifier is good to capture the air-bone contaminants, such as dust, mold, spores, and allergens.


It is good to find the humidifier with the timer. A unit with the built-in timer will allow you to control the work of it automatically, especially when you want to turn it off in order to save the energy. The timers will allow you to set the unit’s time operation in 24 hours.

Fan speed

Fan speed will influence the work of the humidifier. In this case, there are some best humidifiers, which could allow you to select two or more fan speeds. You may set the speed of the fan to get the maximal working of the humidifier.

In summary

In summary, I want to tell that a good dehumidifier should have bells and whistles. Some features above could be the consideration to find the humidifier that is easy to be operated. The more you pay you will have more features.

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